A note from Colm Carey,  founder and director of the Odyssean Ensemble.

One of the things that has always fascinated me about experiencing any sort of music is how a mass of sound can take one on a journey. This might be most obvious in the great symphonies of the late nineteenth century, for instance, but it holds true for all music. The journey can be structural, programmatic, emotional or spiritual, or indeed a combination of all these elements – we all find our own path. But it is a journey.

founded Odyssean Ensemble to explore, through innovative projects and collaborations, and programming that is imaginative and stimulating, the notion of music being a journey – an Odyssey – that challenges the listener and arouses the mind, body and senses. To hear a single piece of music can be that journey; a concert programme is a grand musical tour; and indeed, for me, to establish and be the director of Odyssean is a voyage in its own right. Life itself is an expedition and music is arguably the greatest expression of human existance.

” Music begins where the possibilities of language end. ”

- Sibelius